Jattu Engineer, the comedy flick by Dr. MSG is getting applauded by all camps. Tickling funny bones & at the same time, sending home some important messages is no easy feat. When the Villagers are stuck in the garb of intoxicants and filth, comes the savior, a humble teacher played by Dr. MSG. Armed with his vast knowledge of organic farming, Bio gas and some engineering hacks, the village is transformed into a self reliant village. This village not only produces electricity, by treating its own waste, is capable enough to supply to it’s high tech counterparts, the cities. So tackling 2 problems at one go! The Film has a very interesting recipe with the humour tadka. All these points make Jattu Engineer a Film for every age group and Audiences are flocking theaters in huge numbers & the collection figures are on the rise continuously.  Jattu Engineer made a whopping 54.06 Cr. In 3 Day. Being a Sunday, the shows were full to optimum capacity. This trend will hit a marginal low, with the weekdays, but will not be too much on decline, given its advance booking numbers. The Film is all out to win more hearts with its amazing connect.

Directed by Saint Dr. MSG and Honeypreet Insan, Jattu Engineer is in Cinemas since 19th May.

Day 1: 17.10 Cr

Day 2: 17.92 Cr

Day 3: 19.04Cr

Total: 54.06 Cr (Gross)