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MSG The Warrior Lion Heart

MSG The Warrior Lion Heart -is a story of a Rajput Warrior from Rajasthan, who existed 300 years ago, and while a prince fights for his land or for riches, this Warrior is seen fighting for the honor of Women and his motherland.

The story travels centuries apart as he emerges in a role named Lion Heart, who is an ultra-modern secret agent. Aliens from the outer space pose a danger for the Planet and womenfolk’s who are also hundreds of years ahead in technology. Lion Heart fights these powerful beings, using wisdom from Ancient India. How will he go in the past, and will he be able to succeed in fighting over these aliens?

The Film apart from being highly entertaining with its unique plot and setup, has many social messages woven in it too. The foremost is about establishing respect of women in Society and also improving the plight of Farmers, motivating and discouraging from suicides and many more,thus, establishing values of humanity!

MSG The Warrior Lion Heart, also attempts to depict the youth of today, as years ago, it is believed that our Country had a glorious culture and even people from different parts of the World, used to travel here for education, and nowadays, we are witnessing it’s vice-versa, just by getting obsessed by west.

MSG-2 The Messenger

MSG-2 The Messenger – is an enticing tale of the Savages and their transformation into modern day civilized beings, overcoming all obstacles with the help and belief of a Man, Guru Ji! The Film draws parallels between Savages and modern day people of civilized Society, bringing insight into many facets of Society which are clearly underrated.

Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan, plays himself as a selfless social reformer, both in the real and reel world. In his pursuit to change the law of the jungle that prevails, he soon realizes the task isn’t a cakewalk, and that triggers a conflict of epic proportions. Also, these folks grudge against the civilized lot only strengthens by the day, owing to an age-old secret, which is shrouded in suspense. Those who were the direct beneficiaries of the lack of progress of the tribals had contrived to keep them in a backward State! The Saint is up against some big wigs now!

The Film is adorned with 6 Songs and is released in 4 different languages – Hindi, English, Tamil and Telugu.

The Film released on 18th Sep, 2015.

MSG The Messenger

MSG The Messenger is a revolutionary film that’s packed with action, high drama, suspense and stunts all performed by a real-life spiritual master – Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan.

The film promises exotic locales, larger than life sets and traffic stopping dresses, all designed by MSG himself. In a nutshell, the film is a mind-blowing total entertainer with a life transforming message – One life, Just Live it right!

The Film is adorned with 7 Songs and shall be released simultaneously in 5 languages – Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam.

The film released on 13th February 2015 worldwide. Read More…

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